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Simple Exercises To Do At Home


How do you find an exercise regime that suites you? Firstly take a look at the things you like to do. Some of the physical activities we did at school or even that odd game in the park with a group of friends are good ways of getting your self active and having fun. By picking something you enjoy you are more likely to stick to it.

Before you embark on any regime make sure you are fit enough? If you are in any doubt then visit your doctor.
Don’t make it a chore, if the exercises feel like that, then your doing the wrong ones!
Your regime is not supposed to be physically punishing either, if they are you are probably pushing yourself too hard. Give your regime a boost by doing a natural cleanse this will hep you eliminate toxins from your body and reduce belly fat.


Here are some simple exercises to do at home. They are all good for working your core. As we know it is impossible to spot reduce. But if you carry extra weight on your belly then aerobic exercise will melt the fat quickly.  Exercises that work the whole body will improve all over general fitness as well as reduce belly fat.

Yoga is an excellant way of toning the body and controlling the mind. The practitioner will learn to hold postures rather than exercises.  By maintianing these postures you balance the mind and the body. Yoga is great to take up at any age regardless  of your fitness levels. With regular practice you csan rest assured that your body will tone and become more supple. Another advantage is a relaxed state of mind.  Try going to a class or a course of classes so you can see which form of yoga you prefer.

Try this yoga pose for reducing and toning your tummy.

The best form of exercises that you can choose is one that fits into your daily life. So you can look at things like cycling, taking the dog for a walk, walking, climbing stairs and swimming probably one of the best exercises you can do and mostly free!

Mat work is gentle on the joints although these types of exercises will not strengthen your heart.
Don’t spend a fortune on fitness equipment and definately keep away from the info-mercials which sell mostly rubbish.

Keep your head on the floor for the entire exercise. Exhale as you lift the hips and inhale as you lower them. Do a total of 20 repetitions and then rest. I will post the whole series so keep and eye out.

Steven Cabrall raises your heart rate while working your but and arms

Do not exercise on a full stomach.
Always stretch first for at least 5 – 7 minutes before and after your routine.
Try not to get too enthuisiastic when you first start, increase the length of your exercises slowly, always push your self to do a bit extra everyweek.
Once you have reached your required fitness level 3- 4 times a week will keep your maintenace level

This yoga stretch is ideal for making the body flexible and supple.

If this is a bit too much for you try these simple stretches

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